Friday, April 19, 2013

Closed for Boat Show 4/21, Back with Cooking Demos 4/28

Closed this Sunday 4/21 for the Boat Show

Please come and see us Saturday at our SoCo CFM in Costa Mesa. We'll be back to Lido on 4/28 with a gluten-free cooking demo from Bridget Reilly of The Bite Market at 11am.

Cooking Demos Are Back!

In addition to Bridget on 4/28, Raya Belna from Wildcraft will be out on 5/5 at 11am with a new cooking demo. Don't miss it! 

We're Hiring!

Are you interested in working with farmers and supporting the local food system in Newport Beach? If so, let's talk! Our manager, Elle, is busy with our SoCo CFM and managing other projects for our organization so she's ready to give up Sunday to the right candidate! Please see our ad here for more information on the position and how to apply. You may also direct questions to

Thursday, April 4, 2013

April 2013 Newsletter

Wait No Longer for Your Sunday Morning Cup of Joe! 

New Vendors Join the Market

The Drip Stop

Local Anaheim coffee roasters, The Drip Stop, join us this Sunday. Come get a cup of their direct trade coffee from around the world. You can also buy bags of beans whole or freshly ground for your own home brew. We love supporting local businesses who support growers directly and we hope you do too! Stop in Sunday and see if you've found yourself a new favorite. 

Lily's Lean Machines

Got a sweet tooth but want to avoid the junk? Lily's Lean Machines from Huntington Beach starts this Sunday with yummy raw whey better hi-protein bites. Lily makes a variety of flavors of bites like PB&J, Crazy Coconut, and Lemon Cookie. Get ready for a new addiction! 

Upcoming Events & Updates

4/7: Free health tips & chair massage

4/14: Live music from Electric Socks

4/21: Market is Closed for Boat Show

4/28: Gluten-Free Cooking Demo from Bridget Reilly of The Bite Market 

Soon: Seasonal farmers return! Stay tuned!

Ongoing: Unique and Vintage Find from Lido Village Artisan Market 

See you Sunday! Don't forget we're now open 'til 2pm! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

March 2013 Newsletter

Know Your Farmer: Gaytan Family Farms

On the Farm with the Gaytan Family

Gaytan Family and Diaz Family
Did you know your favorite farmers' market (we mean us, of course!) is operated by a small community-minded non-profit? We at Sprouts of Promise Foundation are not only dedicated to bringing you the best locally grown farm products, but we're also committed to helping you make that personal connection with where your food comes from and who grows it. Farmers' Market Manager, Elle Mari, and Sprouts of Promise Executive Director, Mark Anderson, recently made the trek out to Riverside County to visit Gaytan Family Farms. We're excited to share our farm visit story with you and most importantly, share the story of Gaytan Family Farms. 

A Brief History

Gaytan Family Farm
For those of you who have shopped with us since our beginning in 2010, you're probably already familiar with Gaytan Family Farms. You might have chatted with Jeronimo Diaz at the Gaytan stand and he probably already helped you to a few samples of strawberries or pointed out the newest seasonal crop on the table. For those of you new to our market, Gaytan Family Farm was started in 2001 by Albertano and Edelmira Gaytan. Albertano worked as a farmworker for 14 years prior to establishing his own family farm. Edelmira says they were inspired to run a farm because both she and her husband grew up farming to feed their families and neighborhood. She also says, "Farming is something the whole family can be a part of. It helps everyone." Ain't that the truth! Take a look at our July Newsletter for more on how Gaytan got their start. This month we'd like to give you a more in-depth look at the farm and share what's new over at Gaytan. 

The Farm Tour

Starting Out in Chino

Artichokes in the Fields
Heidi Gaytan Strikes a Pose Amidst Broccoli
Last month on a sunny and cheerful Monday afternoon we met up with the entire Gaytan Family at their farm fields in Chino. We were greeted with much enthusiasm from Edelmira, Albertano, and their four children (and little fluffy dog!) to show us around and point out the new crops in the ground. Jeronimo Diaz, who works the Gaytan stand every Sunday at the market, even came by with his wife and two sons to help guide us on an extraordinary farm journey. In Chino we took a look at the beautiful artichokes popping up and row after row of fresh green onions, broccoli, and a variety of red and green leaf lettuces. 

We even got to pick and taste the delicious crop of new strawberries ripening. It was quite an experience to see the strawberries in the fields after just seeing them a day earlier on Gaytan's tables at the market. The freshness in taste made us very aware how lucky we are to get truly local and fresh produce from our Newport Beach Farmers' Market farmers and how very tangible the idea of "eating local" really is. 

On to Mira Loma

Maricela Gaytan Shows Us Flowering Broccoli
After the visit in Chino, the whole family took us over to another growing location in nearby Mira Loma, which sits with beautiful vistas of the snow covered San Bernardino Mountains. There we checked in on the carrots, beets, herbs, and even more broccoli and green onions.

While Gaytan family matriarch Edelmira picked fresh carrots and cilantro, we chatted with eldest daughter and farmers' market coordinator extraordinaire, Maricela Gaytan. Maricela is currently in her third year studying biological sciences at UC Riverside and stays plenty busy coordinating the family farm's presence at nearly twenty farmers' markets in Southern California. She says it's tough juggling so much but loves being able to help her family bring the best and freshest produce to other families wanting to eat healthfully and locally. 

Green Onions in the Fields
Gaytan patriarch and head farmer, Albertano, says they choose to grow staple vegetables people keep coming back for each week at the market. While they do try new crops and varieties every now and again, the bulk of their farming is dedicated to exclusively growing for farmers' market shoppers who want the best in local fresh seasonal staples like: broccoli, carrots, lettuces, and beets (Yes, beets! They're definitely a seasonal staple!). 

Chickens and Goats, Oh My!

Oliver Diaz Showing a Friendly Chicken a Little Love
On the third and final stop of our amazing afternoon farm tour with the Gaytan Family, we headed just a few blocks away to yet another growing location in Mira Loma at the Gaytan Family homestead. There we saw early spring asparagus poking their way thru dirt to meet the sunshine and a newly built greenhouse dedicated to the upcoming summer tomato season. And of course, we could never forget the over 100 chickens we met in the family's coop, as well as the brand new small herd of goats. 

Albertano Gaytan Inspecting Freshly Laid Eggs
Inside the chicken coop, everyone pitched in to help gather eggs and make sure they're ready to sell at the market. You can get fresh free-range hormone free brown eggs from Gaytan Farms every Sunday at the market for just $6 for 18 eggs. That's a mighty deal. How much are you paying at the grocery store for eggs that likely haven't seen an orange yolk in a week?! (Just sayin'...)

Goats Munching on Grass
And then finally towards the end of the tour, the cutest thing happened...we saw the kids! The goat kids, that is! We had a great time with the Gaytan Family and are thrilled to be able to give you the insider's scoop on the local families who grow your food. 

Want to Know More?

Visit Gaytan Family Farms at the farmers' market every Sunday. Did you know you can visit them in Chino at their farm stand too? Contact for hours of operation and to find out which newly harvested crops will be available week to week. 

New Vendor Alert!

Nuvo Olive Oil

Did you know we have a new certified olive oil farmer at the market? Nuvo Olive Oil is a brand new family run business operated by brothers, Nathan and Joshua Mardigian. Their olive orchard is located up north in Oroville. Their California certified extra-virgen olive oil is so freshly crushed you can taste the wonderful minerals and antioxidants that make olive oil such a rich heart healthy food. Come and welcome this team of brothers and sample their olive oil this Sunday. 

Conscious Foods

Local San Diego-based company, Conscious Foods, made their debut last week with their Amygdala line of yummy gluten-free almond spreads. They also have an assortment of handcrafted packaged chai teas available for home brewing. Swing by and give them a try. 

Lily's Lean Machines

Lily Mac-Wentz is local to Huntington Beach and makes the most amazing raw healthy protein snacks you'll ever try. Lily makes a variety of flavors of Power Bites and will start selling them at the market on April 7th. Get ready for a new addiction! 

Upcoming Market Hours Change

Open 'til 2pm Starting 3/17

For a long time now many of you have told us you're rushing to get the market every Sunday before 1pm because, like many folks, you like to go to the later morning church services nearby. Well, we heard you and we're going to stay open an extra hour! Starting 3/17, we will be open from 9am-2pm. If we find we have enough shoppers in that last hour, we'll continue the new hours. So please tell your fellow church patrons and neighbors that we're open 'til 2pm! :) 

Closing for Easter and Boat Show

We will be closed on 3/31 for Easter to give our farmers and vendors the day off to be with their families. Additionally, we'll be closed on 4/21 for the semiannual boat show at Lido.

Want Free Farm Fresh Goodies?

Come and give us a hand! Are you a savvy community-minded individual interested in helping sustain the local food system? Maybe you're in high school or college and interested in pursuing academics or a career in sustainable agriculture? We want to know you! We want to get a CSA program rolled out soon as well as build up our activities for kids onsite at the market. Interested? Please email us at or come see us at the market in the Information Booth. 

See you this Sunday!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Artisan Market Comes to Lido

Local Artisans Bring Handmade and Vintage Finds

Lido Village Artisan Market Starts This Sunday

This week we welcome a special new addition to the market. From January 20th to February 10th we will host up to fifteen local artisans featuring top quality handmade and vintage finds. Whether you're shopping for yourself, or looking for a special one-of-a-kind gift, we know you'll be impressed with the fantastic wares our artisans have to offer. For more info on vendors participating each Sunday or info on how to get involved, visit the Lido Village Artisan Market on Facebook

New Gourmet Sweet Treats from Orange Clementine

Brand new vendor, Orange Clementine, has delicious cakes and cookies made with genuine local California grown citrus. Their orange and lemon pound cakes have an amazing and refreshing aroma. They created their signature orange pound cake with inspiration from memories of orange groves and citrus blossom perfume in the Orange County air. Be sure to swing by for a sample! 

Speaking of Citrus

Cold and flu season is here, but don't you worry, we've got plenty of Vitamin C direct from the farm! Visit Atkins Nursery at the market for a variety of citrus fruits like cara cara oranges and ruby red grapefruit. Citrus is an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is essential in helping prevent those winter flu germs from knocking down your door. Vitamin C also helps your body heal and has been shown to help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels when under stress. Sounds like a winner!

Dark Leafy Greens to Heal

Spinach is an amazing nutritious cool weather California crop you may want to eat more of this season. Spinach, and other dark leafy greens like kale, chard, and mustard greens are excellent sources of Vitamins K and A. Sometimes Vitamin K doesn't get enough props, but it sure does help us when we need it most. Vitamin K not only promotes bone health (combined with calcium of course), but it also helps you heal from minor cuts and scrapes (which is important during flu season when your immune system is tested). One cup of fresh spinach is about two handfuls and is equal to one veggie serving. Think about how easy it is to toss two handfuls of spinach in the blender with berries and OJ for breakfast. Yum! Be sure to visit Gaytan Family Farms on Sunday to pick up your leafy greens! 

Go Nuts for Almonds

Almonds are known to be the healthy nuts on the block. They pack a serious nutritional punch to help with inflammation in the body and they actively promote good heart health. Almonds are also a good source of Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant shown to help maintain a healthy immune system and healthy hair and skin. And remember, almonds are packed with healthy fats to keep you feeling full longer. Now that's a nutritious and delicious snack to keep on hand this winter. Visit Hopkins AG for fresh raw, roasted, and flavored almonds. They even have almond butter!

Stay with us as we continue to grow the market and provide top quality local products. Next week we welcome back organic seasonal farmer, Sahu Subtropicals from Rainbow, California. 

See you Sunday!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

Our farmers are back after the holidays and we welcome our loyal shoppers and friends back to the market to get your local fruit and veggie fix! In addition to our fresh produce, we also have fresh certified almonds, meat and eggs, hummus, gourmet sauces and jams, and certified plumeria plants. We even have a gourmet dog food vendor for all your doggie's treats! And don't forget to bring your knives for our local knife sharpener, Arnie, to work them into shape. This Sunday we will also feature numerous local artisan and craft vendors selling handcrafted jewelry, ceramic pottery, knitted wares, and beautifully handcrafted African baskets to carry all your goodies!

We'll see you Sunday from 9am-1pm. Don't forget we offer free parking in the garage with farmers' market purchase and we now accept credit cards.


Friday, December 7, 2012

Chef-to-Farmer with Adam Navidi 12/9

Chef and Farmer Adam Navidi Cooks This Sunday 12/9

It's slated to be a gorgeous weekend and we sure hope you choose to spend it with us at the farmers' market this Sunday. We've got a special treat for you: Our very own farmer and chef, Adam Navidi from Future Foods Farms, will be cookin' it up at 11am. Adam is an award-winning chef who not only operates a successful catering business, but also grows his own food on his aquaponics farm in Brea. Adam practices sustainability and has built his farm using reclaimed materials and grows vegetables through a self-made aquaponics system. In addition to Future Foods Farms participation at local farmers markets in Orange County, he also offers farm tours and tasting events. Join us this Sunday for a true Chef-to-Farmer experience while Adam shares his culinary expertise and farm fresh foods with us. 

Give Local This Holiday Season

Don't forget to get your holiday farmers' market bucks. Give your friends and family Farmers' Market Bucks they can use at our farmers' market every Sunday. By purchasing Farmers' Market Bucks you're directly supporting our small family farmers and helping everyone get through the winter season-- when farmers' market attendance tends to slow down and the weather can unpredictable. Buy now and we'll include an additional $5 for every $25 increment purchased ($20.00 maximum freebie please). Click here to purchase now 

See you Sunday, 9am-1pm! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Newsletter 11-30-12

Recipe Rehab's, Chef Mareya Ibrahim, Cooks at the Market!

Persimmon Kale Salad and Carrot Avocado Soup--Yum

Do yourself a favor and mark this on your calendar right now! This Sunday 12/2 at 11:30am, Chef Mareya Ibrahim from ABC's cooking show, Recipe Rehab, will show us how to make fresh fall farmers' market recipes. Mareya is "The Fit Foody"--TV chef, writer, educator, and award-winning food industry entrepreneur. Mareya also writes for Edible Orange County (where you can find us too). Her mission is to help show how easy it is to "make every bite count" with food that feeds your body while saving your sanity, waistline, and wallet. We can't wait to learn from the best on cooking up fresh farmers' market meals.

Farmer Spotlight: Pedro's Organic Avocado Ranch

Have you had a fresh organic avocado from Pedro's Ranch yet? Delicious! Pedro's Avocado Ranch grows organic produce in Fallbrook and though they're known for avocados, they also have tons of interesting seasonal organic produce. Try persian cucumbers, persimmons, pomegranates, dragonfruit, tomatillos, butternut and winter squash, and even great lemon and limes to make your face pucker! Stop by this Sunday and say hi to Jennifer and Jesse. We have a feeling you'll want to pick up a few persimmons and avos after watching Chef Mareya...

We Now Accept Credit Cards 

How many times have you found yourself at the farmers' market without cash? Maybe you wander out for a quick Sunday morning walk just with credit card in hand to grab a cup of coffee, but wow--suddenly you stumble upon our charming farmers' market and oh, man--you really need to get cilantro for those tacos tonight, and yep, you really should restock your healthy meal essentials: kale, carrots, oranges, onions, avocados, almonds, etc... Well, no need to go home empty handed any longer. Visit the Information Booth under the red canopy and we'll get you set up. Now there's really no excuse not to buy fresh and healthy local food.

Holiday Farmers' Market Bucks Are Here

This holiday season, why not give the gift of fresh and healthy local foods? Give your friends and family Farmers' Market Bucks they can use at our farmers' market every Sunday. Buy now and we'll include an additional $5 for every $25 increment purchased ($20.00 maximum freebie please). Click here to purchase now.

CSA Starting Early 2013 

Thank you for getting in touch earlier this month to let us know you're interested in a CSA program. We hope to roll it out in early 2013, however we still need to secure interest from more people in order to make this a viable steady source of income for our local small family farmers. We are also recruiting volunteers to help us organize the logistics of packaging and pick-up. If we haven't heard from you yet, please contact us if you're interested in a 12 week CSA program to support our local farmers. More information to come on price, products, pick up times, and sign-up. 

Rain or shine, we'll see you every Sunday 9am-1pm! -NBCFM