Friday, February 10, 2012

Newsletter 02-10-12

We've added new farmers and are chomping at the bit to add more - we just need your support to be able to do so. Football is over so come on out and enjoy the market this Sunday. Walk, ride your bike or take advantage of our complimentary parking in the Lido Village garage (free with market validation).

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Peakaboo....What's New? 
Lots!!!! We've got new products and new farmers!

Da-Le Ranch – now has eggs!
Come visit Dave of Da-Le Ranch from Lake Elsinore. Dave is at the market each week offering locally raised, pastured, grass-fed meats....and now farm fresh eggs. His eggs are so fresh and amazing you just have to try them. Come stop by and chat with Dave to find out all about the health benefits of his fresh eggs and non-factory farmed meats. Then take some home and see for yourself. 

Atkins Nursery – Citrus-licious!
Atkins Nursery recently joined the market with its rainbow of produce, including blood orange, macadamia nuts, cherimoya, guavas, kumquats, avocados, and citrus grown in Fallbrook, CA. Samples abound on their table so come taste test their offerings. Not sure what a cherimoya, guava or kumquat is? No worries, just ask. Jesse from Atkins Nursery will walk you through what it is, how it tastes (free samples!), how to pick them and what to do with them. Come take advantage of the farmers' market experience!

Olivares Farms – Sweet....Potatoes!
Our potatoes are oh so sweet thanks to the addition of Olivares Farms from Delhi, California, who which brings six varieties of sweet potatoes. The colors are just the beginning; the taste is the finishing touch. Olivares has the highly sought after Okinawa sweet potato, which is tan in color on the outside; like a russet, but bright magenta color on the inside! Enjoy these potatoes baked, roasted, boiled, steamed, candied, scalloped, or mashed.

Wanna Detox?
Food Network award-winning Raw Foods and Vegan Chef Raya Belna taught us some valuable detoxing recipes, tips and experiences this past Sunday at the market. Raya is passionate about using locally grown, sustainable, organic, whole-food ingredients to create unforgettable culinary experiences. You'll frequently find her (and other local chefs) at the market sharing their valuable insights into how to use all our great farm fresh produce. Come learn firsthand!

We Need You! :)
We need the support of community members to help us promote the community market and support our local farmers. We've got a great community here and want to rally its support for our market. Wanna help? Email us at newportbeachFM for more info.

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