Friday, November 16, 2012

Newsletter 11-16-12

Chef-to-Farmer Cooking Demo and Live Jazz This Sunday!

Chef and Nutritionist Lisa Parisi Shows Us What to Do with Fall Pomegranates 

Join us this Sunday at 10:30am for a new Chef-to-Farmer cooking demonstration from local chef and nutritionist Lisa Parisi, with Whole Living Studio. Lisa has been a chef and cooking instructor for over 15 years, with training from the California Culinary Academy College of Food--Le Cordon Bleu. Lisa is also a nutritionist, focusing on a holistic approach to health and wellness, with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

Come by and learn about the health benefits of our fresh farmers' produce, and watch as Lisa cooks up a wonderful fall salad featuring pomegranates, beets, and oranges. YUM! 

Farmer Spotlight: Atkins Nursery

When's the last time you had a guava? How about a white sapote? Fresh macadamia nut? Delicious Reed avocado? If you just answered no or never to these questions--oh boy, you are missing out on some of the best tropical fall produce Southern California has to offer! Atkins Nursery is from Fallbrook, CA and grow amazing seasonal fruit-bearing trees. They've got everything from fresh citrus and aromatic guava, to beautifully ripe Hass and Reed avocados. They even have fall persimmons and pomegranates to really put a little variety on your table!

Atkins Nursery has been with our market and our sister market, SoCo, since the very beginning, and reliably provide the best local exotic fruits and citrus to you each and every week. Stop in and ask Jesse what new items he has this Sunday. 

Ready for Thanksgiving? How About Your Turkey-Carving Knives?

This Thanksgiving, don't be embarrassed about your carving knife and cut in the kitchen alone when you can slice into that bird front and center to the oohs and ahhhs of your hungry guests! Just wait until your friends and family see how effortlessly you carve, doling out each cut and eyeing steadily whose plates those drumsticks will land upon. Get your knives and kitchen tools ready before the big feast with our farmers' market knife and scissor sharpener! Arnie has great prices and will be available this Sunday at the market to get your tools in shape. Wrap and pack your sharp items in a dish towel for safe and easy trasport, then drop them off with Arnie for sharpening. Bonus: You can shop and eat while you wait! 

CSA Coming to the Market!

Love to get farm fresh products from us each week but don't have time to shop? Have a loved one who can't get around very easily? Do you want to support the local food system and California's small family farmers but not sure how to make a difference? We're working on setting up a Community Supported Agriculture system to help make it even easier to shop for local healthy foods. 

The box or reusable bag of fresh farmers' products will be available for pick up every Sunday at the market and contain an amazing assortment of fresh seasonal produce, eggs, and perhaps even fresh cut flowers. We'll also share our healthy recipes too! We need a minimum of 20 folks to participate to get this rolling. If this ease of accessibility sounds like a dream come true for you, please let us know you're interested!   

Btw, our famous local jazz quintet will be back out performing for you this Sunday. See you then!
-Newport Beach Certified Farmers' Market

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