Friday, April 27, 2012

Newsletter 04-27-12

We've Got Farm Fresh Goat Cheese & Eggs!
Daniel Drake

Drake Family Farms - a great local goat cheese maker from Ontario (just 34 miles from downtown LA) joins us this Sunday. Their chèvre is amazing with many flavors, including Lemon Pepper, Apricot & Honey, Basil, Herbs De Provence, French Herbs, Garlic & Onion, Jalapeño. Dr. Dan Drake (pictured) is a veterinarian, third generation goat farmer and true goat-lover. His farm is the only local goat dairy that produces cheese in Southern California. Drake Farms is "artisanal” cheese. What does this mean? Well, the American Cheese Society has stated that "artisinal" implies that a cheese is produced primarily by hand, produced in small batches, and uses as little mechanization as possible. All the cheese produced by Drake Farms is both artisanal and farmstead (meaning made on the farm, with milk exclusively from the farm’s own animals).

Gone Straw Farms, from Moreno Valley, also joins us with their fresh chicken and duck eggs!

Other new vendors include Just Crepen' By (fresh made sweet & savory crepes). Gourmet Tamales joining us next Sunday (May 6th). 

The Secrets Behind Store Bought Orange Juice
The package says "100% Fresh Juice". Think that means it is simply squeezed, packaged and sent to the store? Wrong! De-oxygenation and flavor packs are part of it. Read about the behind the scenes manufacturing process of store bought orange juice. But no worries, Bautista Creek Ranch from Hemet is now squeezing fresh orange juice at the market from their amazing local navel and valencia oranges. Come experience the taste of pure orange goodness. 

Ask a Health Coach!  
We will have three on hand this Sunday (April 29th) to answer all your questions. Graduates of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified as Holistic Health Coaches, these ladies will have information and healthy recipes that will help guide you in living the Farmers’ Market lifestyle. Learn how Carrie Wojciechowski, CHHC puts the Health into Coaching, how Michele Raffanello, CHHC lives a ComplEAT Life, and how Jessica Scott, CHHC has a Love Affair with Health.

Art Walk – (Every 2nd Sunday of Month)
Local artists add their stunning, artistic displays on the second Sunday of every month for our “Buy Local” Art Walk. Local art, local food, be a Local! Next one is Sunday, May 13th.

See you on Sunday at the market!

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