Friday, May 18, 2012

Newsletter 05-18-12

Psst! Hey There! You, Yeah You! Have You Tried Our Cherries Yet?

Cherries are now in season and Erickson Farms is bringing us the goods!  Fresh cherries are picked daily from their orchards in Fresno. Cherry season is short so be sure to get to the Farmers' Market on Sundays to get your fill.

Ideas on what to do with all those cherries once you've snacked enough? Try canning. You can look forward to a little bit of summertime in a jar come this winter! 

Peaches, Apricots & Nectarines - This Week
The first peaches, apricots and nectarines make an appearance at the market this Sunday. Come taste summer!

Have You Ever Tried an Avocado Tamale? 
Our new food vendors, Gourmet Tamales & Just Crepen' By, have been a big hit the past two weeks! Come try a delicious tamale with a little bit of salsa verde to spice up your Sunday! Or how about a sweet or savory freshly prepared crepe? You can't go wrong either way. 
Hey Parents, Want to Teach Your Kids About Local Farms & Good Food?
Bring your children to the market and encourage them to use all their senses to learn about all the wonderful fresh fruits and veggies our farmers grow. Smell some cilantro from Gaytan Farms. Or how about tasting a cherimoya from Sahu Subtropical? Maybe pick up a basil plant from Atkins Nursery to grow at home? 

Encourage your kids to talk to our farmers and find out where their delicious food comes from and how it's grown. Check out this Farm 2 Table Adventure Guide, created by the Network for a Healthy California--Children's Power Play! Campaign, for more fun ways kids can take the lead at the market. 

Did You Know May is Bike Month? 
Bike to the farmers' market, show us your wheels (okay, or maybe just your helmet if you already locked up), and we'll enter you into a raffle to take home a bundle of amazing fresh produce! Remember to hook on your panniers or get that old basket in the garage tied on and set! 
See you Sunday!

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